The right lights for a safe and

Productive Workspace

Minimize cost

Reduce maintenance

Improve safety and sustainability

To put it simply, it takes a lot of lights to keep a warehouse bright. Lighting can account for up to 80% of a warehouse’s energy bill, so being cognizant of installing the most efficient, long-lasting LED lighting is of the utmost importance. Let Geller Lighting help guide you through the process to reduce operational costs while keeping your building bright for a safer and more productive environment for all.

What can lighting do for my warehouse and building?

Minimize costs

  • Adopt green strategies with energy-efficient LED lighting

  • Decrease spending – maximize lamp life with LEDs

  • Install occupancy sensor smart controls to keep lights off while aisles are unoccupied

Reduce maintenance

  • Reduce maintenance with long-lasting LED lights to decrease time spent on replacing light bulbs

Improve safety & sustainability

  • Brighten up your work floor to improve visibility

  • Adequate exterior lighting can help deter crime

  • Minimize carbon footprint by reducing energy consumption

  • Convert to LED lighting to comply with national and international energy and environmental regulations

What utility rebates are available for my warehouse?

Certified by DesignLights Consortium & EnergyStar, utility rebated products are quality and subject to the highest standards  


  • Rebates for reducing wattage from current fixture: commonly rebated fixtures are LED flat panels, LED exterior floodlighting, warehouse high bays
  • Convert from using metal halide lamps or fluorescent tubes to LED integrated fixtures to save around 70% energy consumption
  • Save on new construction or remodeling with utility rebates by using LED lighting
  • Use LED lamps instead of incandescent to reduce energy consumption and increase lamp life expectancy

HVAC equipment

  • Upgrade to high-efficiency HVAC equipment to consume less energy while providing adequate comfort

How do I receive utility rebates for my warehouse?

Contact us by phone or email!

Instant discounts are available for select products – Geller Lighting is authorized to provide rebates at the point of sale, no paperwork required or waiting for a rebate check.

For large projects or small, Geller Lighting will handle all paperwork, product specs, and installation for your energy-saving project.

Recommended Products

  • LED High Bay fixtures with integrated occupancy sensors to turn the lights on when motion is present, off when none detected
  • LED lighting such as flat-panel lay in fixtures in the offices and hallways to reduce energy consumption and required maintenance
  • LED center basket troffer to provide a more aesthetically pleasing look
  • Occupancy sensors integrated throughout facility
  • LED integrated desk lamps to reduce potential energy consumption

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