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Minimize costs

Reduce maintenance

Improve experience

From the moment your guests walk through the door, welcome them with warmth and comfort. By saving on energy and operational costs through the use of sustainable LED lighting, focus less on spending, and more on doing. From personalized lighting in hotel rooms to ensuring safety in corridors, stairwells, and exterior areas, make your facility the best it can be.

What can lighting do for my hotel?

Minimize costs

  • Adopt green strategies with energy-efficient LED lighting

  • Install occupancy sensor smart controls to keep lights off while rooms are unoccupied

  • Decrease spending – maximize lamp life with LEDs

Reduce maintenance

  • Reduce maintenance with long-lasting LED lights to decrease time spent on replacing light bulbs

  • Restock light bulbs on a less frequent basis

Improve experience

  • Welcome your guests with warmth

  • Allow guests to personalize their rooms to suit their mood

  • Bring your brand identity to life through lumens and Kelvin temperature

  • Create a mood and ambiance to leave guests with a lasting memory of their experience

What utility rebates are available for my hotel?

Certified by DesignLights Consortium & EnergyStar, utility rebated products are quality and subject to the highest standards 



  • Convert from using fluorescent tubes to LED integrated fixtures to save around 70% energy consumption

  • Create affordable solutions with LED lighting for immediate and future impacts

  • Use LED lamps instead of incandescent to reduce energy consumption and increase lamp life expectancy

Kitchen equipment

  • Upgrade to energy-efficient appliances to save money on your electric bill

  • Utility rebates available on electric food preparation and cooking equipment, refrigerators, freezers, ice machines

HVAC equipment

  • Upgrade to high-efficiency HVAC equipment to consume less energy while providing adequate comfort

  • Utility rebates available on unitary equipment, chillers, and HVAC controls, i.e. air conditioning, air-source heat pumps, PTAC, PTHP, VTAC, & VTHP single package, and ductless mini-split

How do I receive utility rebates for my hotel?

Contact us by phone or email!

Instant discounts are available for select products – Geller Lighting is authorized to provide rebates at the point of sale, no paperwork required or waiting for a rebate check.

For large or small projects, Geller Lighting will handle all paperwork, product specs, and installation for your energy-saving project.

Recommended Products

  • High-output LED PAR38 lamps in high ceilings to replace metal halide PAR38 lamps
  • LED A-Lamps in lamps to consume a minimal amount of energy while providing a longer life expectancy than incandescent
  • LED lighting such as flat-panel lay in fixtures in the kitchen and back of house to reduce energy consumption and required maintenance
  • Occupancy sensors in offices and low use areas to turn the lights off when not needed

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