Cost-effective, sustainable, and smart;

A bright place to learn

Reduce costs

Reduce maintenance

Promote safety

Educational facilities require proper lighting for productive staff and students. With LED lighting, Geller Lighting Supply helps you cut down on costs, and focus on what matters.


What can lighting do for my school?

Reduce costs

  • Adopt green strategies with energy-efficient LED lighting

  • Decrease spending – maximize lamp life with LEDs

  • Install occupancy sensor smart controls to keep lights off while areas are unoccupied

Reduce maintenance

  • Reduce maintenance with long-lasting LED lights to decrease time spent on replacing light bulbs 

  • Minimize carbon footprint by reducing energy consumption

  • Convert to LED lighting to comply with national and international energy and environmental regulations

Promote safety

  • Eliminate dark areas to promote safety

  • Keep lights on during night and off during the day automatically with controls

What utility rebates are available for my school?

Certified by DesignLights Consortium & EnergyStar, utility rebated products are quality and subject to the highest standards  


  • Convert from using fluorescent tubes to LED integrated fixtures to save around 70% energy consumption

  • Create affordable solutions with LED lighting for immediate and future impacts

  • Use LED lamps instead of incandescent to reduce energy consumption and increase lamp life expectancy

How do I receive utility rebates for my school?

Contact us by phone or email!

Instant discounts are available for select products – Geller Lighting is authorized to provide rebates at the point of sale, no paperwork required or waiting for a rebate check.

For large or small projects, Geller Lighting will handle all paperwork, product specs, and installation for your energy-saving project.

Recommended Products

  • Soft white LED lighting to promote focus
  • LED troffers
  • LED wall packs and area lights
  • LED T8 tubes
  • LED high bay in gymnasium

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